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Hilary O'leary Photographer

About me

 Photography can be taken literally and not so literally. Literally speaking, photography is a document, now used more often to state, "I am here," "I exist," "Be apart of my life," "know who I am." And if you don't know how to take a picture, it's considered unusual. Not so literally speaking, photography is a magical box, which captures light and you can do whatever you please with your captured light.

When I hold my camera to my face and look through the glass to see my subject gazing back at me, the world around me goes silent, and from the moment I start my set of images, to the moment I've finished editing them, I feel free. I've created something. I've grown as an artist. And that is my accomplishment.

For the future - I hope I will have managed to make, support or assist in the changes we are desperate to see.  I hope the success can be measured over years and decades to come….  I hope in 10 years we still have the animals that are so critically endanger.


For the now - I love the restless race of your heart as a journey begins, I love a wild and unusual idea, I love champagne and chilies, I Love the perfect play list and I love to watch the bush change with every minute of light.


For more information on my work with conservation and fundraising please contact me.

Africa - She is delightfully chaotic, a beautiful mess and loving her is a splendid adventure.

Welcome To Incredible Africa.

It's an adventure that will test your limits and leave you with a profound appreciation for the chaotic yet stunning beauty of Africa, where loving her is indeed a splendid adventure...

Black rhino Award winning photograph Hilary O'leary

Whatever you're not changing,
you're choosing.

Hornbill Nest
Elephant Eye
African Elephant (Loxodonta africana)
Lioness In Autumn
I Think He's Just Beautiful
Aerial Wildebeest
Blue Impala
Cheetah Cub
Baobab Flower
Vulture In A Winter Mopane Tree
Kings Crown Giraffe
Steady Gaze
African Barred owl
Buffalo At  A Sunset Waterhole
Lioness eating a tortoise
A Light Dusting
Black Rhino Charge
Mauritius Sunset
Moment to Magic
Threatening To Rain

Let's talk

Zimbabwe, Botswana, South africa, The World

Tel: +27 765195308


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These images are available in a variety of sizes and formats:~ the timeless elegance of fine art paper, the modern appeal of diamount, or the textured allure of canvas. Let me know what size you have in mind and the purpose behind the image you're interested in. One option I'm particularly fond of is the canvas prints with rustic wooden frames ( see example below ) – they add a touch of charm and character.

H I L A R Y   O ' L E A R Y 

P  H  O  T  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y 

+27 765 195 308


It would be an honor to share my experience and knowledge with you in the upcoming weeks, months and years!

Conserve Connect



Discover the ever-changing beauty of Africa, with each month, a vibrant tapestry of cultures, landscapes, wildlife, and histories that make each experience distinctive. My tailored itineraries cater to your every preference, from formality to informality, comforts to services, ensuring your African adventure is an exquisite blend of luxury and excitement.

photography mentoring

Photography Mentoring

Contact me for more information on photography courses, mentoring

and portfolio review.

Showjumping Sport


I am so proud of the achievements and the titles, but more than that I'm          incredibly grateful for all of the memories and joy that our horses create for us and many others..

Available for photography shoots in all of South Africa and beyond. Previous travels include, Zimbabwe, Botswana, USA, Zambia.. Contact me for a quote.


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