Remembering Rhinos £103 447.00 raised so far!!

Remembering Elephants sequel, featuring rhino images donated by top wildlife photographers inc Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, Steve Winter & Hilary O'Leary...


Remembering Rhinos will be a beautiful coffee table book, created with the aim of raising funds to fight rhino poaching and protect this endangered species. All images will be generously donated by some of the world's top wildlife photographers, ensuring it will be a stunning and collectable tribute. It is the follow up to Remembering Elephants and a must-buy for anyone who bought that book.

When we launched the Remembering Elephants book last year (which we funded here on Kickstarter), I called it a 'Live Aid' moment for wildlife photographers. Little did I realise its potential to become an annual event. The success we had with that book was overwhelming and surpassed our wildest ambitions.

Please share, support and follow this project .. to find out more contact me.

"Projects we love" , we now stand at just over £65,000 with 24 more days to go.…/667813502/remembering-rhinos… Thank you SO MUCH to each and every of you who have supported us so far, I know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart xx - Margot Raggett

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