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The African wild dog is one seriously social animal. Like its North American cousin, the gray wolf, a wild dog’s life revolves around the complex social hierarchy of the pack. But unlike wolves, African wild dogs exhibit what almost seems like altruistic behavior when it comes to their pack mates. At a kill, the youngest dogs eat first, followed by the subordinate members of the pack. Everyone takes their turn and if there isn’t enough to go around, the hunt begins again.

Wild Dog & A Butterfly

$500.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price
  • Notes on the final product
    Please note that we do not supply frames, the fine art prints and canvasses will be sent in secure postage tubes for customers to frame or stretch when received. For fine art prints, the border is excluded within the given dimensions, it is approximatly 6-7cm, depending on the print size, and is hand signed. For canvasses, an additional 7.5cm of printed canvas is added to the dimensions to allow for the image to be wrapped around the frame when stretched by the customer. The artist's signature is added within this space.

  • Please contact us for custom size requests.

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